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Add a new Site strives to include ALL Danish campsites, bed and breakfast, etc. Sites in other countries are welcome too.
If you are aware of a site that is missing on the map, feel free to add it here on the page

What do you want to add at the marker?

Click on the icon that best matches what you want to add

A place to stay..?


Campsites for caravans, camper vans, tents, cabins, etc.


Special places offering space and facilities for motorhomes (not campsites)


Cabins or cottages located outside campsites (No holiday homes)

Shelter/Tent site

Shelter or tent site located outside campsites

Bed & Breakfast

Add a Bed & Breakfast (Typical with option for breakfast including breakfast)

... or an attraction, etc.?


A (often high-rise) place with good views of the countryside, Ocean and Water

Object of interest

Attraction, eg. ancient memorial, museum, castle etc.

Amusement park

Tivoli, Summerland, Water park etc.


A larger zoo with a wide range of animals from all over the world

Mini Zoo

Small zoo or zoo with less variety of animals


Aqua Zoo with animals and fish from sea and lake

Scenic Area

A scenic area worth a visit for nature lovers

Rest Area

A scenic spot or viewpoint suitable for eg. picnic, for example spots with table/bench set

Golf Course

You know about a golf course that is not already on the map?

Put & Take

Add a Put & Take Lake, which is not already on the map

Did you not find any symbols that match what you want to add?
Click here to suggest a new type of attraction ...

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