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About Camping pass in Denmark

Nearly 90% of Denmark's campsites have been subject to rules that meant that campers in Denmark should buy or display a camping card issued by the Camping Council.

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority has ruled that this practice is illegal and thus contrary to the Danish competition rules.

The Camping Council has subsequently gone bankrupt and therefore no longer exists.

Many Danish campsites, despite the above decision, still require that you display a camping card.

Many campsites today accept other camping passes, for example. Campingcard ACSI.

Campsites without a camping card requirement tries to collect information about the individual campsite requirements.

Campsites that require a campsite you can sort by clicking on this symbol:

Camping pass not required

You can also reasonably choose a campsite that is a member of "Free Camping Sites". You can see these campsites by clicking on their logo under "Memberships". It looks like this:

Free Camp Sites


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