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As new campers we have created to make it easier for us - and you - to find out, among other things, campsites that match interests and wishes for a site, but also for the surrounding nature and attractions. will be expanded on a regular basis with bed and breakfasts, rooms, shelters, more filtering options and much more.

Owners of campsites, sights, various types of attractions etc. will i the future be able to edit their sites' information and facilities.
Keep an eye on for news on this. tries to collect ALL campsites on the website - whether it is an organized campsite, independent campsite, naturist campsite, Bed & Breakfast, Shelter or anything else.
I have therefore spent a lot of time finding as many places as possible and adding them to the card.

Are you the lucky owner / holder of a campsite, a Bed & Breakfast or the like, so you can get your place on the card quite FREE.
When you register, you can get a login to, so you can edit the information about your place.

Click here if you want to add a new place to the map


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